Grenades in Scalloway - houses evacuated

Police have advised anyone discovering explosive devices like grenades not to handle them and to get in touch immediately. The warning came after an incident last night when scallop fisherman Morgan Pitt took two rusty grenades back to a shed at his home in Scalloway after dredging them up near Wadbister.
The police leapt into action at about 8.30pm after Mr Pitt called them about his find. As a precaution four neighbours had to be evacuated from their homes at Gibblestone Court until nearly midnight while the danger was dealt with.
Sergeant Gordon Feather said digital photographs of the grenades were taken and sent to the army for expert analysis. It turned out they were already inert and harmless with no pins or bases. They are to be handed over to the military for storage and eventual destruction.
He said such finds should be reported promptly although care should be taken not to use a mobile phone close by due to the danger of its signal triggering an explosion.
“If you find something like that just set it down in a safe place, walk away and alert us immediately,” he said.
Article printed from 22/10/10

It all happens in Scalloway..


  1. I like the laconic 'set it down .... walk away ....' advice.... how large is the scallop fishermans boat exactly?
    (I also wonder if the same advice stands for finding a beached nuclear sub if you live near Kyle of Lochalsh?)
    And yes, doesn't it read like a MacKay Brown story,taking them back to the hut,evacuated neighbours out in the dark, etc.


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