Monday 4th October

MONDAY 4th: Mostly dry and bright with some sunshine this morning. However, this will gradually fade as high cloud thickens and lowers, with the afternoon then cloudy. At the same time, the F5 S’ly wind will back SE’ly and increase F6. Outbreaks of rain will reach Shetland early evening. The rain will soon become heavy, and SE’ly winds will increase further to F6-7, and locally gale F8 across the more exposed areas. Rain will move away from Shetland overnight. Strong to gale-force winds will veer F6-7 S’ly with the improvement.

Monday was this kinda day.
Late trip to Gloup meant that I had no time to walk round the area where the 1881 disaster occurred. Will have to return.

landing place for sixareens, Gloup Voe