Thursday, 18 March 2010


Having returned from Shetland and re-established myself in my own studio, I realize how much I still need to do. All the work I made whilst at the Booth is staring at me in anticipation. Surrounded by all the other paintings that I was making before I left and that are now also demanding attention, it is difficult to remain focussed. However being sent lots of information about recent extreme waves and sea storms certainly helps to galvanise me (thank you Andy and Kristian). I have been working on a series of paintings that I started whilst at the Booth studio. These reflect a change in use of colour – the strong turquoises that appear as the waves turn and break, and the creamy-white - sometimes pinks - that appear in the foam. 

I have also begun making some larger-scale drawings and will be developing these over the next month, so will post them as they emerge...

Thank you to all the people on Shetland that helped/advised me, and invited me out: Billy (creel fisherman), and the Scalloway Harbour office staff; Kristie, Christine, Rob, and Roxanne from Veer North; Mark from the Shetland Times; Clair at Shetland Arts; David at NAFC; Angus, Joanne, Carol and everyone at the Shetland Archive; story-tellers Lawrence and Davy; Robert at Unst Boat Haven; Neill on Barr, and the lovely lady who runs the fantastic Scalloway fish-shop.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


My solo show of Seascapes starts at the St Giles Gallery, Norwich this Friday (March 19th – April 24th), so I have been busy preparing for this since my return from Shetland. Although not related to the Shetland project, these are sea paintings from my time spent walking and gazing at the Atlantic Sea at Cill Rialaig artist retreat in S Ireland, so set the scene of my obsession with the sea.  (St Giles Gallery, 51 St Giles Street, Norwich NR2 1JR).