Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saturday October 2nd

A bright glittering day with a cold hard wind, I drove north to Eswisk and spent most of the day walking and drawing from the cliffs at Eswick. A fantastic place to watch the sea racing and the foam flying.

You can begin to understand the difficulties that sixareen fishermen would have had trying to avoid being driven onto the jagged rocks lining the shore line as they struggled back to shore against the breaking waves. My drawings became more uncontrolled as the day wore on as I struggled to get the movement down. I should have taken paint.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Returning to Shetland

Made it back into Shetland today by the skin of my teeth, tonight's ferries having been cancelled due to severe weather warnings. Outside the wind and rain are now battering against the Booth. Late afternoon as, battling against the wind, I walked along the cliffs at Gulberwick towards the Ness of Trebister, the sea was frothing, huge waves rolling in under a heavy sky. Watched the gannets diving headlong into the sea and gulls whipping up into the sky. Managed a couple of drawings before retreating back up the path and heading home.
It's great to be back.