Saturday, 5 March 2011


Voyage to the Outer Skerries charcoal, chalk & graphite on canvas

Having spent the last few months in my studio drawing and making paintings I have to get back to the sea - am feeling frustrated with being cooped up inside - I need to walk along the cliffs and feel the wind and taste the salt and watch those waves.... so I'm going back for a fleeting visit.... to become re-invigorated. Am not going to take my drawing stuff, although I will probably regret this decision, but it will be a good discipline just to look and remember.

Have been working on another large drawing (72"x48") they take so long to make and I emerge from the studio as though I've been down a coal mine, I've also been battling with some paintings that merge historical images into the painted surface (not quite there yet). Have made a couple of paintings of waves, which I think have worked...

Shetland waves oil on canvas 60"x48"

Shetland waves oil on canvas 36"x36"

These will all be going to my show in June at the Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland.

But I really really really need to make some larger paintings -

Feeling very excited about getting back to Shetland next week!!!!!