Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New work

Returned from Geneva with a head full of calculations. And having met people from all aspect of extreme waves study - from mathematicians and scientists, meteorologists to boat designers and people who play (probably not the correct term) with model boats in wave tanks, and from all over the world.

My recent drawings are incorporating algebraic formulae; drawing and redrawing, marks obscuring and echoing others, contours describing surface of the sea, lines echoing oceanographic diagrams. The surfaces are also quite fragile and unstable – even transitory, as is a wave. They suggest a journey, movement, passage of time, past merging with present. They encompass those other connections - discussions with oceanographers, narratives of Shetland, and the dynamism of the sea.

Probability of incidence, circular drawing, oil, graphite and charcoal on cartridge paper, 100x100cm

The circular format references instruments on board boats, as well as the horizon seen from a boat in the middle of the sea.

detail of above

I am in process of developing these further - making more works - to incorporate oceanographic instruments and data.

Latest paintings:

Untitled, oil on canvas 122x152cm

Untitled painting incorporating oceanographic calculations, oil on canvas, 80x80cm

I will be showing this work at the Sir Terry Frost Gallery attached to the Kings School in Worcester in November. Hoping that the students will be collecting my sea water whilst they are on a trip to Cornwall. Whilst it will not be Shetland seawater, the sea flows where it will and so perhaps has made the journey around the coast...