The Serpentine Line

Started my day with a visit to meet Ralph Jewell in the Department of Philosophy at Bergen University.  His interest in the relationship between art and science (and in particular meteorological studies) led to a discussion on the relationship between Hogarth’s Serpentine line - an S-shaped curved line that excites the attention of the viewer, evoking liveliness and movement – the line of beauty - in contrast to straight and parallel lines, or right-angled intersecting lines, which are uninteresting and dead. 

Ralph proposed that this Serpentine line can equally be seen in meteorology - in the movement of dramatic (extreme) weather fronts and isobars, which also excite and stimulate the senses, and that we might talk of ‘seeing the weather face’ in the same way that Hogarth proposes the appreciation of beauty in the human face. 

There's more... but as it's now midnight (although still pretty light out side), I need to sleep.