Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bergen Exhibition

Currently in Bergen and have just set up my show at the coastal museum  -  Kystmuseet i Oygarden. It opens tomorrow and will be on for about 2 months.
Maybe some of you will be able to visit.... Am showing some new drawings taken from some old 1930's photographs I discovered lurking in a shoe-box in Bergen Marine Research Institute while I was here last June. Also on show are meteorologically-inspired works, and prints of paintings and drawings. 

Janette Kerr har teke utgangspunkt i forteljingar frå havet. Utstillinga er ein del av prosjektet Ektreme Waves

Location of Kystmuseet i Øygarden
Thank you to Johannes Guddal for supporting me, and to Bjorg Christophersen (Director of  Kystmuseet i Oygarden) for organising and offering me the opportunity of showing my work in Bergen. My thanks to Anne Karin Magnusson for putting me up (again!).