Saturday, 21 November 2015

Friday, 20 November 2015

Experiencing Shetland's extremes

Thank you to all of you who have supported my fund-raising for the Arctic Circle.There has been an amazing response. If you are interested in supporting my funding-raising fro the trip please look at the Blog entry  This has the small paintings I am selling as match funding.

Meanwhile I've been in Shetland experiencing Hurricane Abigail and its aftermath…. Here are a couple of photographs that I took when out on the headland of Scat Ness at the southern tip of the South Shetland Mainland, Scotland 

photo taken from Scatness - Hurricane Abigail

photo taken from Scatness, close to a wild sea - Hurricane Abigail

I am currently working on some large paintings that are being fuelled by the experience of standing on the edge of the sea at Scatness being buffeted by the wind, watching the wave after wave rising and throwing themselves at the cliffs - an overwhelming experience to which a photograph can't do justice. 

The sound was tremendous - both the rawness of the wind hitting land and the roaring of sea. I came back saturated with sea water and completely exhilarated.

Here are two sketchbook drawings I made while sheltering in a crevasse close to the sea also don't do justice to the moment

Below are two paintings that I am currently working on - no idea how they will look in the end… but they are not finished yet. They are approximately 150x130cm

Work in progress

work in progress
(pictures of my work taken with my mobile phone, so really not good quality)