Sunday, 6 December 2015

Arctic Expedition Funding Appeal

The Arctic Circle Expedition
Artist and scientist-led, The Arctic Circle is an annual expeditionary residencyprogramme,
where art intersects science, architecture, education and activism. (Photo credit: 
The Arctic Circle) 

I have been selected to participate in The Arctic Circle 2016, an annual series of art and science expeditions to the High Arctic. This is an amazing opportunity. My intention is to make a body of work reflecting the immersive experience of observing a changing Arctic landscape during the three-week expedition next October.

To raise the £5,000 needed to cover the cost of the once-in-a-lifetime trip, I am offering for sale 50 small oil paintings at substantially discounted prices (see images pasted below).
These are for sale at £40, £50 or £60, plus £1 P&P

The money raised will act as match funding for my application to the British Council/Arts Council International Fund.

If you would like to buy one please contact me indicating which one you would like to buy. Each painting is numbered, with price, size and medium, and mounted on display board. My email address is

I will send you details of how to pay – which will be either by cheque or direct transfer to a dedicated bank account set up for this project. As soon as the cheque or bank transfer has cleared I will post out your painting to you.

My blog will be updated regularly so you will know how I am doing, and each painting will show if it has been reserved and/or sold.

This is a fantastic chance for art lovers to own a “Janette Kerr” original for a bargain price while supporting my expedition.
Thank you very much for your help and support.

UPDATE Sat Dec 5th:

Due to popular demand I have made a few more small paintings and have just added this last batch - some of which are still drying! These will appear at the top of the page. There will not be any more after this.   

NB Please make sure you make a note of the number of the painting that you are wanting to buy
Colours may vary slightly depending on your screen

No 5 oil on card 13.5 x17.2cm Price £50 SOLD

No 35 oil on card 13.5 x17.2cm Price £40 SOLD

No 55 oil & photomontage on card 12 x16cm Price £50 SOLD

No 56 oil on board 11.7 x14cm Price £50 SOLD

No 57 oil on board 10.6 x14.2cm Price £50 SOLD

No 58 oil on board 13.2 x14.2cm Price £50 SOLD

No 59 oil on board 13.5 x15.5cm Price £50 SOLD

No 61 oil on board 12 x14cm Price £50 SOLD

No 62 oil on canvas &  board 12.3 x15.5 Price £50 SOLD

No 63 oil on canvas & board 12.4 x14.6cm Price £40 

No 64 oil on canvas 13.6 x16.5cm Price £50 SOLD

No 65 oil on card 11.3 x14.7cm Price £50 SOLD

No 66 oil on w/c paper 15 x16cm Price £50 SOLD

No 67 oil on board 12.3x15.4cm £50 SOLD

No 11 oil on w/c paper14x16.5cm  Price £40  SOLD

No 36 oil on canvas & board 14x17cm Price  £60 SOLD

No 1 oil on canvas & board 15.2x20.3cm  Price £60 SOLD

No 23 oil on canvas & board 15.4x19.8cm  Price £60 SOLD

No 19 oil on w/c paper 15.8x19.8cm  Price £60 SOLD

No 29 oil on w/c paper 15x19.5cm  Price £60 SOLD
No 2: oil on paper 10.5x15cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 7: oil on card 11x16cm   Price £40 SOLD

No 24 oil on w/c paper 15.5x20cm  Price £50  SOLD

No 37 oil on w/c paper 11.5x16cm £40 SOLD
No 31: oil on canvas & board 11.6x16.8cm  Price £40 SOLD

No 27 oil on canvas & board 15.2x20.3cm £60 SOLD

No 12 oil on w/c paper 10.6x15cm  Price £40 SOLD 

No 13 oil on w/c paper 10.6x15cm Price £40 SOLD

No 4: oil on w/c paper12.7x16.2cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 6 oil on card 11x17cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 8 oil on card 11x17cm  Price £50  SOLD

No 9 oil on card 13x16.2cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 16 oil on w/c paper 15.5x20cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 18 oil on canvas & board 15.5x20cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 20 oil on w/c paper 15.7x20.3cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 21 oil on w/c/paper 15.5x19.6cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 22 oil on w/c paper 15.3x19.5cm  Price  £50 SOLD

No 25 oil on w/c paper 15.5x19.6cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 26 oil on w/c/ paper 15.3x20cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 28 oil on w/c paper 15.5x20cm  Price £50  SOLD

No 30 oil on w/c/ paper 15.8x20cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 32 oil on card 13x15.5cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 33 oil on card 10.8x16cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 34 oil on canvas & board 15x19cm  Price £50 SOLD

No 10: oil on board 13x17.4cm  Price £50 SOLD
No 14 oil on board 14x18cm  Price £60 SOLD

No 15 oil on canvas board 15x18.4cm  Price £60 SOLD

No 17 oil on canvas & board 15.5x20cm  Price £60 SOLD

No 38 oil on card 12.2x16cm Price £40 SOLD

No 39 oil on board 13.4x17cm Price £50  SOLD

No 40 oil on w/c paper 12.5x16cm Price £40 SOLD

No 41 oil on card 11.4x17.2cm Price £40 SOLD

No 42 oil on w/c paper 12x16.5cm Price £40 SOLD

No 43 oil on board 13.5x17cm price £50  SOLD

No 44 oil on board 13.5x19cm price £50 SOLD

No 45 oil on card 11.2x16cm Price £40 SOLD

No 46 oil on card 11x16cm price £40 SOLD

No 47 oil on card 12.2x17.4cm  price £40 SOLD

No 48 oil on card 14.4x20cm price £50  SOLD

No 49 oil on card 14.1x19.8cm price £50  SOLD

No 50 oil on card 11.8x15.6cm Price £40 SOLD

No 51 oil on w/c paper 15x19.5cm price £50 SOLD

No 52 oil on card 14.3x20cm price £50 SOLD

No 53 oil on card 13.5x18.8cm Price £40 SOLD
No 3 oil on paper 10.5x15cm Price £40 SOLD

No 54 oil on card 14x15cm Price £50  SOLD