Kite flying again...

So its Tuesday evening and I'm back in Weston-Super-Mare, and this time weather permitted kite flying, but with an eye on the tide - which was predicted to be high, and coming in fast and furiously behind us, assisted by an increasing wind.

Attaching the camera in its tin
Although it was somewhat gusty we did fly a single line kite and attached a can with my water bottle tucked inside to emulate the weight of a camera. Seem to bear the weight pretty well, but the trick is going to be to balance the camera in its protective container, so that it's pointing downwards and hope that the wind isn't too strong. The camera would have taken some pretty wild and jerky film in the prevailing wind conditions.
Final adjustments
Lift off
Flying tins

With lots of help from Dom and friends (thank you). Sorry about my poor knot-tying skills Dom!

Still a lot to learn and get right... 

Interesting place to be in the evening on Weston-Super-Mare beach; there are lots of activities going on - dog walkers, groups of kids digging in the sand, kite flyers, and kite surfers shooting across the beach, and a sea full of wind and kite surfers all out there doing amazing jumps and turns... very tempting... maybe another adventure.?