Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Arctic calls 29th Sept 2016

Had a frantic week doing Open Studios while trying to finish paintings for my solo show in November, and also trying to remember all the things I needed and had forgotten pack.  But now here I am on my way to Longyearbyen...
 Left Heathrow with a beautiful pink sky slowly appearing as the plane turned and headed east; a mass of small clouds drifting below us.

 Arrived in Olso this evening - and the most difficult bit was getting my trolley piled high with my 2 large cases (one for arctic clothing and one for art materials) through my room door in the hotel room (shhh, don't tell them!).
Thought I'd share my birthday card - made by my lovely son.  Maybe slightly too close for comfort... and probably the only view I'll get of polar bears.

Early start tomorrow - still I already have the trolley ready!

Thank you to all of you who have supported me and bought my little paintings - there are only a few left... so if you want to be tempted.. check out the last post before this.

See you in Longyearbyen...

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