Glacial Memories Oct 20th

Have now arrived back home - well I'm here but my head is still on a boat sailing through blue ice fallen from glaciers.... listening to the thunderous sound of glaciers calving.... standing at the top of a mountain looking through mist at more and more peaks.....  watching the moon from my porthole.... breathing in the silence and cold clear air.... smelling the walrus and hearing their strange primeval snorts and moans.... trying to draw an incomprehensible landscape... moments of complete absorption while others worked around me.... allowing my drawings and paintings to become ephemeral - washed away by Arctic rain and wind..... swaying with the movement of the ship.... eating my dinner on deck with waves rolling and breaking all around me... feeling overwhelmed... exhilaration

Here's a few glaciers for you...


  1. I can't believe you're back already, it sounds like a mind-blowing trip! Not a landscape that's easy to comprehend from an armchair at home. The photographs look fantastic, thoroughly inspiring. So sorry you didn't get the kite working so well, but the sketches you made will no doubt make up for it. Really looking forward to the work that comes from your adventure.

    1. Thanks Wendy. The work will hopefully emerge during the year. A lot to take in and think about!


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