Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Arctic expediton - the preparations continue

Thank you to Sarah Spark and Terry Flaxton of Centre for Moving Image Research (CMIR) UWE for supporting my Arctic project - financially, and for also putting me in touch with the Avionics Department at UWE

Thank you Steve Wright, Kim-Tobias Kohn, and Andy Lang who are all in UWE's Avionic Department who met with Sarah and me and (patiently) provided me with technical advice about drones and have even been reckless enough to lend me a Quadcopter drone to practice with. 

Here is a link to some film shot by the drone...(note: I am not in charge!!).. whilst Sarah Spark and I were in Steve Wright's office, and outside on the UWE campus (spot the picnickers).

As a complete novice at flying anything, and as someone who has studiously avoided computer games, I am finding this challenging. Still haven't manged to fly without shooting off and crashing into walls. Why won't it just go up and hover!!!??? Fortunately it's made of child-proof plastic, but I think there are probably limits to this!

There will be pictures...

Dr Sarah Spark leads the CMIR Bursary project at Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries, and Education (http://www.cmiresearch.org.uk/dr-sarah-sparke.html)
Professor Terry Flaxton,  Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries, and Education (ACE)  
Dr Steve Wright is Senior Lecturer in Avionics and Aircraft Systems
http://people.uwe.ac.uk/Pages/person.aspx?accountname=campus\sj3-wright ,
Kim-Tobias Kohn is  E-Learning and Outreach Developer in FET - Engineering, Design and Mathematics
Andy Lang is an MEng Aerospace Student at University of the West of England