Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Arctic frustrations

Not a good week so far! 

 My drone is still stuck up the tree and I'm still working on a plan to gt it down.  A friendly rigger who can climb trees has pulled a muscle in his neck so we have to wait until he can move again! 

My session on an airfield with Kim-Tobias - who was scheduled to take me professional drone flying this week - is on hold as his flight from Germany back into London last night was cancelled due to thunderstorms over the UK.

My Arts Council/British funding application has been refused. Who have they funded since everyone I know has been refused!!!????

So - anyone know someone who could sponsor me?

I am sure these are all things I will overcome. I will certainly be making more small postcard-size paintings to sell and to raise funding. So watch this space.....

On a more positive side:
I've had an offer of sponsorship for helium by the company on Longyearbyen that supplies it; and an English company that makes balloons is also interested in doing a deal - equipment in exchange for a painting. 

I'm meeting with the artist Katy Connor - - who traveled on the same expedition a few years ago. Hoping to pick her brain about the experience. 

My proposal to give a paper at the Relate North 2016: Practising Place: Art & Design for Creative Communities has been accepted. This will take place in early November and will now be held in Shetland - which is perfect! I will be talking about my expedition to the Arctic and the work I make as a result of the experience