Monday, 13 June 2016

More flying preparation

Off to see a man about extreme kite flying on Wednesday.. and hopefully having a drone flying lesson on Wednesday (weather permitting).

Have finally managed to retrieve the drone from the tree at Maesbury Castle (where it has been for the last 2 weeks), with the help of Ollie - tree climbing supremo and rigger - and Anna and Steve who came along for moral support...

The team (apart from me of course)

Is this what it was all about?
Whether it will still work is another matter...

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Arctic expedition companions

 So I now know who my companions will be with me on the Autumn Arctic Expedition 2016.

Looking through the list published on the Arctic Circle website it looks like a really interesting mix of artists of many disciplines - writers, film-makers, scientists, and teachers from many corners of the world.

Here is the full list (with websites where they have them):
Jess Arndt (Writer)

Tama Baldwin (Photographer/Writer):

Annie Christain (Writer)

Carly Connelly (Artist):
Jennifer Crouch (Artist/Educator):

Spike Dennisis (Inter-disciplinary artist):

Tania Dibbs (Artist):

Jordi Fornies (Artist):

Rachel Guardiola (Interdisciplinary Artist):

Han Sungpil (Artist):

Clara Harris (Actor/Playwright):

Laurie Hermans (anthropologist)

Jenn Kahn (Artist):

Isaac Kestenbaum (Multimedia Journalist):
      Janette Kerr (Painter):
Ok Sun Kim (Science Teacher)

Oskar Landi (Photographer):

Chen Lin (Performance Artist)

Agnes Marton (Poet)

Leigh McCarthy (Multidisciplinary Artist):

Jamie Mohr (Artist/film-maker)

Ella Morton (Artist):

Mary Neubauer (Artist):

Ellis O’Connor (Artist):

Ersi Sotiropoulos (Poet)

Leonard Sussman (Photographer):

Lene Tangen (Glass Artist):

Tim van der Meer (Interdisciplinary Artist):

Zlatan Vehabovic (Painter)

Eva Weber (Film-Maker)

Julia Wellner (Photographer):

Sofy Yuditskaya (Artist/Educator)

I make that 32... feeling quite crowded!

But seeing the names seems to make the trip come even closer...