Sunday, 17 July 2016

Kite and camera trials

 So finally get to fly my own kite... a 1.5m flexifoil (the 2m kites pull me over when the wind gets them going).

Assisted by the family

I didn't crash the kite and wasn't pulled over and sent headlong across the beach by the wind and strength of the kite at all! Must be getting better. I can even hold the kite fairly still while it's up.
This time to film we used a GoPro (thanks Tom Poole-Kerr) which is a lot lighter weight for the kite to carry, and the results are a lot better. 
You can see the footage of the first trials with the GoPro attached to the kite here:

Still need to make a few adjustments and change settings on camera so the images are closer-up to the ground, but it's not bad for a first-time flight. 
Starting to feel that this might actually work in the Arctic. Only 12 weeks to go now before I set off....