Saturday, 13 August 2016

Kite flying practice in Shetland

I'm currently in Shetland, and in preparation for the Arctic trip which is fast approaching, I've been experimenting with kite flying - which has been challenging with 50-55mph wind some days, rain and mist on others, and then no wind at all. However managed to go up the hill behind the house in Brindister and catch the breeze a couple of days ago... 
And she's up...
...with the clouds
Felt quite exhilarating to be flying out on the hills above the voe. Had to be careful of snagging the strings on rocks as I'm still not good at landing without a bit of a crash, especially when there are those sudden gusts of wind and I lose control. 

Also attracted the attention of a passing Arctic Tern, who clearly had not encountered a kite before and came back several times to check it out.. but thought better of tackling.

Thanks to Steve Poole for taking the photographs for me (and sorry that you twisted your ankle in the process and that I laughed!)