Friday, 19 August 2016

Eshaness Sea

If you are on Shetland then you really have to go up to the north end of the main island to Eshaness, where you can pretty much guarantee that the sea is going to be wild. 

It's a favourite place of mine to go and walk along the dark purple andesite cliffs made of layer upon layer of  lava and volcanic ash; to watch the waves and feel the wind, and particularly to draw and paint, although I have to find places out of the wind to sit so my boards and paper don't disappear over the edge.

Leaning out over the high granite rocks to watch the sea rolling and crashing far below is fantastic, but not for the faint-hearted, nor anyone suffering from vertigo. 
Drawing on the edge... photo by Prof Steve Poole

I took some photos and experimented with film but just used my phone as it was all I had with me and hand-held it as I lay on the edge of the cliffs filming the sea swirling below me.  

Here's a link to the film:    Eshaness Sea 
Have attempted to edit the film using iMovie, but as I'm not very sure how to do this please forgive the quality of the edit. I am not a film-maker and can only improve... I need a few lessons in how to do... etc... as I will be using a GoPro attached to a kite when I'm in the Arctic in October and will need to edited the footage.

I also made several drawings in my sketch book...

J Kerr Eshaness Cliffs 1
J Kerr Eshaness Cliffs 2
J Kerr  Eshaness Cliffs 3