Wednesday, 12 April 2017

All in a Shetland day

Off the ferry and into the mist as we drive to our house. Can't see the hills or the voe. Rain hits the windows; a little sun appears and then more rain... Later the hills brighten and the sun shines so out we go. A cold wind - icy blasts sweeping across as we stomp up the voe, a liitle blue sky appearing, big rain clouds edging it out blotting out the far hills. A few early Guillimots bobbing in the sea as I draw, sitting up on the rocks at the top of our voe with the nesting Fulmars - such beautiful birds. Twittering Wheatears hopping around me on the rocks. Blown home clutching a wet drawing.. followed by the seals and the sound of Oyster Catchers and Greylag geese calling as they fly overhead, the ragged fluttering of Lapwings. Later the full moon shines over the voe.
All in a Shetland day.

Brindister study - at the top of the voe
small sketch book study - mixed media
mixed media on cartridge paper - still drying