Sunday, 16 April 2017

Shetland Watercolours - April 2017

In the last few days I have started a new series of water colour drawings.

All based of recent walks in West Burrafirth along Brindister Voe and up on the hills above. This is a place to wander and never see anyone else, a place inhabited at this time of the year by Arctic hare, Lapwings, Oyster Catchers, Golden Plover, and a couple of Ringed Plover today, on the cliffs the Fulmars are pairing up getting ready to nest, the Wheatears hop on the rocks in front of me as I walk, gulls wheal and call, think there was a Whimbrel in the sky above us today, seals follow us, and if you're lucky there is a sighting of an otter.  Two Skuas arrived today - first of the season. Then there's the sky - one moment blue with skudding white clouds, the next dark masses of cloud arrive over the horizon, hovering over the hills; rain drifts in, trails that touch the sea and rise high moving slowly and then march rapidly towards me.  Hills change - dark to black to gold to peat brown to green, dissolving as mist rolls back in.

There's been a icy north wind for the last few days; it feel colder than when I was in the Arctic. But there's also been clear star-filled nights with large full moons rising orange over the Voe.

Made in the studio these water colour drawing come from sketchbook drawings made while I'm walking, from the memories of the walks as I stand in my studio, and responses to mark-making. All the drawings are the same size, on thick water-colour paper which I've had lying around in my studio for several years and it's suddenly come into its own. Most are monochrome but glimmers of blue appear in some.