Thursday, 30 November 2017

Perambuling in Frome

Last Saturday I joined a group of people in Frome to participate in an RSA Frome: Street Wisdom event...
Given tasks to walk the streets of Frome alone for 10 minutes at a time and think in specific ways  before regrouping to be set our next assignment - again walking alone around Frome, I used the opportunity to travel to locations that I might not usually travel. Not sure that I managed to concentrate on what we were supposed to be doing... we had to have a question - something that we might address whilst walking. Trouble is I have too many questions. And they probably should have banned me from taking a camera!

So here is my journey around the streets of Frome Town  - two hours of wanderings recorded in photographs. You will notice that there aren't any people on the pictures, but sometimes their presence is implied.

What I focused on was interesting and how I navigated around the streets. I realised that what I had been doing was keeping out of the hustle and bustle of town centre life; moving away from the noise of traffic and the shoppers - keeping to the peripheries and looking for signs of nature and water.. Was this an unconscious decision or conscious? If I'm honest I realized part way round that this was what I was doing.

Well what do you expect from someone who spends a lot of time wandering along voes and windswept coasts of Shetland or in my studio on my own staring at my canvases .... even the high streets of sedate Frome are too much to cope with!

Postscript thoughts:
I spend my time worrying that I'm not working hard enough.... aware of time slipping... that I should be painting... in a more abstract way... something else.. that I can't paint... then that I can...  some days I go into the studio and wonder how I did that - that it looks okay... another day it might all look like rubbish... 

To have a moment to walk around and not have a sketchbook to hand; to just look...
To notice the unnoticed.. to pause... to drift on... walk back and look again... to glance... to glimpse...  it's all out there if we choose to see
Maybe I should do this again.